Friday, October 9, 2009

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Sardargarh, one of the magnificent forts of Rajasthan, is an extravagant creation by men of a bygone era, placed amidst the mountains and deep forests of Chuppun. Sardar Singh, one of the most powerful Dhodhias, built the Sardargarh Fort during 1738 to 1743. You can see the ramparts of the mystery filled Sardargarh, like a great ship anchored at outer sea, much before you get close to the gigantic walls soaring high above the low lying village of Lawa. Magnificent fort of Sardargarh is situated 94km north from Udaipur.

The emblem of the Sardar Singh family was a rising sun and a sword. Beneath that, they always wrote, "Work is thy duty, reward is not thy concern".

Come and score the Rajasthan deserts and feel the Rajasthan regalia by experiencing the lavish hospitality showered on you during your stay at the luxury Rajasthan resorts located in different parts of Rajasthan, India. Stay at the Sardargarh Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan, India and let the polished staff at this luxury Rajasthan resort make you feel as tough you are an integral part of the Rajasthan royalty. The cuisine and services at this luxury sardargarh resort blends in discreetly with the rustic appeal of the royal city and makes you an inseparable part of the Rajasthan royal spell.

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